AI has been teasing us with their next generation LED system for a while, and it looks like the payoff is finally here.  Sunlight Supply is teasing that the Vega is due soon, so let’s review what this light is offering.  The Vega Blue comes with your standard 4 LED colors including whites and blues, but the Vega Color is packing 6 different flavors of LED goodness 2 OSRAM varieties of blue and red.  The goal of the Color version is to offer a full spectrum of color for those people who have complained about previous systems being too washed out or not natural enough.  The system comes with a 10′ power cable and weighs only 3.25 pounds, so mounting it is a breeze.  The Vega comes with pucks with an 80 degree angle so it is a good fit for the majority of tank dimensions.  You can also choose a white or black color for the unit itself, and regardless of the configuration, the price we have seen is $499.  If you’re interested in picking one of these up, best bet is to start begging Sunlight Supply to get one from their first shipment, because it is clear that these lights are going to sell FAST.  A full spec sheet is after the jump.

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