The Amazing World of Microscopic Pond Life Video

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Daniel Stoupin is determined to win the internet. He has already shown us how corals can make for some terrific subjects of time lapse photography, and his latest video shows how freshwater life can be just as interesting when displayed in a similar high def format. The clip shows an amazing world full of life, some of which looks like it would be right at home in the oceans or in our aquariums. It focuses on bryozoans, water fleas, mayfly nymphs, mosquito larvae, water mites, ostracods, and the amoeba…which looks extremely menacing in this video. To view this tiny pond life, Daniel used microscopy techniques and macro photography. Unlike the coral video, which used hundreds of thousands of still images to create a breathtaking time lapse, this video was made from a week’s worth of videography coupled with years of experience in finding and videoing these interesting critters. We don’t need to dive into the deep ocean to find the most unusual lifeforms. This short clip is a journey into a bizarre world of microscopic inhabitants of pond water. You will see water fleas, bryozoans, water mites, mayfly nymphs, ostracods, and, of course, hydras MORE: The Amazing World of Microscopic Pond Life Video

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