Amphiprion nigripes in the wild

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Amphiprion nigripes blackfoot clown

I came across some more images of the Blackfoot Clown from a trip to the Maldives last year, and thought I’d share them. This really is a splendid fish with clear markings and coloration which makes it stand out in the often-cloudy waters of the Indian Ocean.Amphiprion nigripes blackfoot clown
A. nigripes, also called the Maldivian Clown, is found in the western Indian Ocean. It is common across the Maldives and Sri Lanka.

The fish has a strong, single white stripe behind the eye against a rich orange body color, which becomes darker on the fishes’ undersides before becoming a deep black on the pelvic and anal fins. I did find some variability between individuals, with some being brighter than others, though I couldn’t link color to any environmental factor such as depth.Amphiprion nigripes blackfoot clown

I only found the species hosting in Heteractis magnifica, though it may perhaps host in other species in captivity? I should add I don’t know if this is true, but this can happen with other fish/anemone combinations that are not found in the wild.

Amphiprion nigripes blackfoot clown

Amphiprion nigripes was once a rare fish, but I understand they are now available as captive bred specimens, with all the benefits that provides to wild populations. You may also see it listed as the Rose Skunk Clown.

Amphiprion nigripes blackfoot clown


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