The ultimate kitchen aquarium? Coffee table aquariums have nothing on this.

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The ultimate kitchen aquarium?  Coffee table aquariums have nothing on this.

Robert Kolenik’s Ocean Keuken

Robert Kolenik is an avantgarde Dutch interior designer who founded Eco Chic Design, a name which “deliberately reflects the designer’s passion for nature.”  Case in point: The Ocean Keuken, which is best described as a gigantic floor-level aquarium with a countertop featuring a functional stovetop, faucet and sink. The countertop mechanically raises with a push of a button for full access into the aquarium.

Robert is available to custom design a Ocean Keuken for any aquarist with a large kitchen (and we assume an even larger bank account).

Food may taste a little saltier than usual, but holy moly is this thing amazing!



[via Gizmodo]

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