Reefs App

Your guide to the world of reef aquaria

Apple iOS

Compatible with iOS 8+, runs on iPhone, iPad, etc.

Google Android

Compatible with Kit Kat+. Numerous devices.


 Talk to hobbyists in real time. Use your buddy list to meet up with your reefing friends. Notifications coming soon.

Allows you to monitor your aquarium from your phone. Currently supporting Reef Keeper Elite/Lite, Neptune Systems apex Aquacontroller, Aquacontroller III, and Reef Angel (coming soon).

Daily updates from the best vendors, including livestock photos, dry goods pricing (coming soon) as well as a job board.

Connect to all of the major reef aquarium forums, including, Manhattan Reefs, 3reef, reef2reef, reefcentral, and more. You can also add your own forums into the app for quick access.

Wondering where the nearest store is? Want to do a road trip to see some new shops? We’ve got you covered.

A real time news feed from the leading aquaria blogs.