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Find the local aquarium stores no matter where you go.  Get store hours, driving directions and even a list of special pricing.

Store directory includes local places of interest such as public aquariums, zoos, and aquarium clubs.

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The reef forum is the best place to get all your questions answered about your tank.  A large number of dedicated topics and sections await you.

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Get instant alerts in the app for new private messages, respond to messages and talk to your reef aquarium buddies in real time.

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Receive immediate alerts whenever a store in your immediate area has a pricing special or new livestock available for sale.


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Find all the local stores and places of interest for your saltwater aquarium.

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Access all of the latest content on your mobile device, in both landscape and portrait orientation.  Includes Reefs blog, Advanced Aquarist, Reefs Magazine, and more.

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Downloadable guides for Fish, Coral, Invertebrates and Pests.  Identify everything in your tank with ease.


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Instant access to forums where you can get all of your aquarium questions answered.

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