HMS mounting system

Aqua Illumination debuted its new impressive HMS mounting system at MACNA in San Diego and we had a chance to take a look at it with Tim Marks. The lines are clean and the system can be configured in various configurations.  The HMS rail can be hung from above, mounted to the back of the aquarium or side to side as show in the gif loop.

HMS Parts List: HMS Single light HMS Multi Light HMS Hydra TwentySix bracket HMS Hydra FiftyTwo bracket HMS 25.5″ Rail HMS 37.5″ Rail HMS 49.5″ Rail HMS 62.5″ Rail HMS 73.5″ Rail HMS Hanging Kit In addition to the HMS series mounting options, Aqua Illumination is introducing an 18″ gooseneck for the Hydra TwentySix HD and Hydra FiftyTwo MORE

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