Photo Credit: Cathy Peairs Halloween is merely days away, and while most of us are gearing up to scare the snot out of a bunch of young people, others are showing off their aquarium nerd side with some very creative Jack-o-lanterns. Some pumpkin carvers do it simple, with random aquatic themes featuring straightforward designs that anyone can do. But then you have the more artistic and detailed approach, as some Halloween enthusiasts fill every inch of that orange surface with elaborate displays. Today, we celebrate both, and we have shared many interesting looking jack-o-lanterns to help kick off this holiday. Continue below for a small gallery of some good looking pumpkins. Some of the pumpkins are from this year, while others may be from years past. Regardless, they offer great ideas for any of you last minute pumpkin slicers. MORE: Aquarium Inspired Jack-O-Lanterns to Gear Us Up for Halloween

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