Aquarium nerdalicious!

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Most people have hobbies: knitting, gardening, woodwork, crochet, leatherwork, metalwork, 3D printing…there are endless options.  Nobody beats an aquarium nerd though!  Look at these items you can buy to show others how much you love your aquarium.

First, you have the usuals: t-shirt, cap, socks, pens and water bottles.






Secondly, you have the slightly different/unique items: cuff links, spoons, jewellery and rugs.





Third, you have the mandatory COVID item: masks (Get yours whilst we still need to wear them, they may become collector’s items!)

And then, we have the odd/strange/very unique:

And lastly, for those daring enough, we have the crazy (Become your coral!):

So for those of you looking for gift for a fellow aquarium nerd or wanting to have a laugh, check out Etsy ( and Google “coral reef gift ideas”. You should find a treasure trove of goodies for your next online shopping binge. Happy shopping!

  • Heidi dM

    Heidi is a Marine Biologist who has been working in the public aquarium industry as an aquarist and now as a consultant specialising in husbandry, interpretation and staff training. She has also written a series of children's books about the aquarium and fish world called "Abby's Aquarium Adventures".


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