We are continuing the ElosAmerica Tank video series and for this video, we are aquascaping the tank!
My vision was to create a beautiful yet vastly unique minimalist scape with a lot of empty space, while providing plenty of room for flow to get through, an ideal scape for wrasses and other fish to seek refuge. I also wanted a different but ideal scape to place the corals that I want to keep.
I went with Real Reef rock as it is a sustainable man made rock (Tonga rocks are illegal as well) that really capture the shape and overall feel of Tonga rocks. I went to Chris Portale of The Fish Store / Custom Aquariums for help with this project, as I have seen him create aquascapes similar to what I had in mind. Check out the video, advice, and our tribulations as we overcame them to create this unique, beautiful scape.
Enjoy and let me know what you guys think of it in the comments.

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