Aquatic Life introduces affordable 4 stage RO+DI 

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Aquatic Life supplied Advanced Aquarist with the following press release:


Aquatic Life Introduces an Economical 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis and Deionization System

Simplifying aquarium filtration with new two-in-one RO/DI unit

Expanding upon the company’s popular reverse osmosis water purification systems, Aquatic Life is proud to introduce the RO Buddie® + DI System, a complete reverse osmosis (RO) and deionization (DI) system. Using carbon and sediment cartridges with a central membrane, the RO Buddie removes harmful substances such as heavy metal ions and total dissolved solids from tap water, while the mixed bed resin DI cartridge provides additional filtration. The result is purified membrane filtered water.

“Many of our customers were purchasing RO units and deionization cartridges separately to create a water filtration system for their aquariums.  Combining the two was an obvious next step,” said David Troop, Aquatic Life co-owner. “Our new RO Buddie + DI System is a holistic water filtration package, offering hobbyists quality, functionality and convenience, all in one.”

The small size of the 50 gallons per day RO Buddie + DI System makes it easy to place under cabinets or in limited spaces. Unlike most ROs that use replacement cartridges that fit into a chamber, Aquatic Life’s RO Buddie + DI System’s cartridges are encased in durable plastic housings which are part of the filter. Quick connections combined with the front location of the cartridges, make for easy removal, disposal and installation.

Completing the water filtration system, is Aquatic Life’s DI mixed bed color-changing resin inline cartridge. As the filtered resin absorbs the impurities not captured by the membrane, it changes colors, from blue-green to brown, to notify users when to replace the resin media.

“The refillable cartridges contain a mixture of Cation and Anion resins that allow for easy customization of water treatment for aquarium hobbyists,” explained Troop. “Once the total dissolved solids are removed, hobbyists can take the purified water and add back the correct amounts of trace elements to better match natural ocean water.”

The RO Buddie + DI System comes complete with mounting brackets, cartridges, membrane, membrane housing wrench, .25-inch flexible tubing (20 feet) and faucet adapter. For more information about Aquatic Life and its premium offerings, please visit


About Aquatic Life, LLC

Founded in 2008 by co-owners Michael Elliott and David Troop, Aquatic Life products are produced by Aquatic Life LLC, a company that creates, markets and manufactures premium branded aquarium and hydroponics equipment. Aquatic Life products are available through distributors across North America. For more information, please visit the website at or call (818) 768-6943.


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