Aquatic life’s new LED 1.0W expandable fixtures employ combinations of 1 watt white, blue, and purple Taiwanese LEDs to provide much more light than their previous 0.5W expandable LED fixtures.  The LEDS are placed in 90 degree lenses to optimize diffusion. The 1.0W expandable fixtures are available in 24 inch, 36 inch, and 48 inch lengths, with two LED-count options for each length.  Fixtures can be joined together (with included hardware) to form a larger light panel for more power and coverage; Each unit still requires its own driver (included).  Fixtures come with adjustable-width mounting legs, and an optional suspension kit is available.

Model numbers and prices:

  • 420263 (24IN 1W X 24 LED, 24W) $189.99
  • 420264 (24IN 1W X 36 LED, 36W) $279.99
  • 420265 (36IN 1W X 36 LED, 36W) $289.99
  • 420266 (36IN 1W X 54 LED, 54W) $399.99
  • 420267 (48IN 1W X 48 LED, 48W) $379.99
  • 420268 (48IN 1W X 72 LED, 72W) $539.99


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