Artfully Acrylic’s Reef Crest AIO

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Artfully Acrylic's Reef Crest AIO

The unique side profile of the Reef Crest 17

reefcrest3.jpgArtfully Acrylic will begin production on the Reef Crest AIOs in January, 2016 in three sizes:

  • 9 gallon (10″L x 18W” x 15H): $299.00 USD
  • 17 gallon (12″L x 24″W x 18″H): $399.00 USD
  • 35 gallon (18″L x 30″W x 20″H): $649.99 USD

A variable speed return pump is included.  All models are available in your choice of black, blue, or red with optional form-fitted mesh tops and optional matching bottom drawers for storage (pictured with the red Reef Crest 9, right).

Through the month of December 2015, Artfully Acrylic is offering pre-order discounts ($269.00 for the Reef Crest 9, $359.00 for the Reef Crest 17 and $584.99 for the Reef Crest 35).


If you’re not familiar with what a drop-off reef looks like (and we don’t blame you since they’re so uncommon), here is an example of this type of exhibit.  With Artfully Acrylic’s new Reef Crest AIOs, we will surely see more drop-off reefs in the future.



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