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Lionfish behavior may hunt species to local extinction

Lionfish behavior may hunt species to local extinction

OSU researcher in the field

From Oregon State University:


Lionfish characteristics make them more “terminator” than predator

New research on the predatory nature of red lionfish, the invasive Pacific Ocean species that is decimating native fish populations in parts of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, seems to indicate that lionfish are not just a predator, but more like the “terminator” of movie fame.

Penn State genetic research reveals coral and zooxanthellae evolved independently

The survival of the Caribbean Elkhorn Coral, Acropora palmata, is threatened by increasing seawater temperatures, infectious disease outbreaks, and overfishing. Research by a team of Penn State scientists now shows that the spatial scale over which the coral host and its algal symbiont exchange genes is not well matched, raising questions about the ability of this symbiosis to adapt to a rapidly changing climate change. 

NOAA Study: Unique Fish Species Dominate Pacific Deep Sea Coral Reefs

NOAA Study: Unique Fish Species Dominate Pacific Deep Sea Coral Reefs

The Bandit Angelfish, Apolemichthys arcuatus. Photo credit: NOAA

Unprecedented levels of biological diversity underscores value in protecting Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.


Deep coral reefs in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument (PMNM) may contain the highest percentage of fish species found nowhere else on Earth, according to a study by NOAA scientists published in the Bulletin of Marine Science.

Featured Aquarium: vpreef’s 360 gallon reef

Featured Aquarium: vpreef’s 360 gallon reef


You don’t really get to see many tanks coming out of Australia so I am very humbled at the opportunity for Advanced Aquarist to feature my aquarium.

9529962264_03fe876ecd_b.jpgAt first when I was contacted to do an article I was a little hesitant and worried that my tank, being so young at only 11 months compared to many you see featured around the globe, may not be quite up to the standard.…