Austin Lefevre

Austin Lefevre founded and owns Aqua Box, a group of passionate professionals who bring unique aquarium systems to fruition worldwide and offer fully quarantined and conditioned fishes to the US retail market. Austin has been a bonafide fish nerd for his entire life. When the kids in elementary school were reading Dr. Seuss, Austin was reading Jacques Cousteau. He's been in the aquarium industry since 2002 working in local fish stores, coral farms, and headed up a fish breeding program. He's been an avid SCUBA diver since the age of 12 and consistently seeks new aquatic adventures.

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Jesus Larralde Memorial Fund

Jesus Larralde Memorial Fund

Most hobbyists never have interactions with marine life collectors. Our LFS rarely do either. It can almost seem that these fish appear in tanks out of the blue. Of course, we know the animals are collected somewhere, and shipped; but have you ever thought about the...

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