Avoid Chasing Numbers

by | Aug 25, 2018 | Tanks | 0 comments

I have been keeping reef tanks for 25+ years and during a good chunk of that time I tested calcium, alkalinity, nitrate, pH and salinity on a regular basis and that was about it. I hardly, if ever, tested for magnesium or phosphate and my SPS were healthy and happy.

225 Gallon Reef Tank Maintained With Minimal Testing

Was I lucky? Is the minimalist approach the right way to go today in terms of testing? Not necessarily, but is the other extreme a better way to go? Today many folks, including myself, use lab-grade tests like Triton to measure such things as boron, lithium, potassium and strontium.

Triton analyzes the water and gives a hobbyist a complete roadmap on what is lacking, what is on point and MORE


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