The Banggai Rescue Project is already showing some great material from their expedition to the remote islands off the Sulawesi coast.  Pictured above is Matt Wittenrich studying maps with a local fisherman to identify the population strength of this species in the small area that they call home.  For those who don’t know about the project, BRP is a crowd funded scientific expedition to help learn about these fish and aid in their population recovery in the wild.  Coupled with the expedition is some heavy breeding evaluation by Matt Pedersen in his fish-room-lair which has been freshly outfitted with new equipment dedicated to understanding the rearing process.  In addition, our own Ret Talbot is along for the ride to photograph their work, and of course this translates to new bio-art watercolors by noted  painter Karen Talbot.  Basically, this project has several different deliverables which will benefit the hobby in the long run.  For more information on the project, or to preorder the book, check out their website.

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