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Last weekend I was honored to speak at the Bay Area Reefers Propagation Workshop along with the incredible Richard Ross. Rich and I arrived a little bit later than planned since we had to stop at Home Depot to pick up some fragging tools for his demonstration. When we got to the Workshop we were greeted by a swarm of friendly BAR members. The venue was very nice and had two screens for the audience to view.

I was pleasantly surprised that 65 people showed up for the Workshop and were genuinely interested in captive breeding and coral propagation. I was really impressed that one person, Jennifer Cisneros, drove 7+ hours to attend the event! That is dedication!

I started off the day addressing frequently asked questions that hobbyists have when they are considering getting into captive breeding.

After a break for lunch Richard Ross donned his ‘Mad Scientist’ garb and demonstrated different ways to frag various types of corals.

It is always nice to see a good turn-out for events like this put on by local clubs. Please support local clubs and the events they sponsor. Not only will you have fun talking with other hobbyists you might even learn something! Without the hard work of clubs like Bay Area Reefers these events wouldn’t be possible.

All photographs courtesy of Denzil Villarico

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