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The Coral Restoration Foundation is officially accepting applications for their Fall 2022 Coral Conservation & Reef Restoration Internship!

  • Internships last 4 months and are full-time volunteer positions
  • Interns gain a vast amount of experience through participation in community engagement programs, daily operations, and fieldwork
  • During their first semester, each intern will be mentored while they undertake a personal intern project
  • Interns who wish to progress further have the chance to be considered for positions as Lead Interns during a second semester, and then Program Interns during a third semester

To learn more and to apply, visit their website, HERE

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    As senior editor here at reefs, I get to work with scientists from all over the world, and have made some wonderful friends in the industry! I also write for the site, and am the office manager at FRESH New London and the mother of two brilliant, talented young women.


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