Beautiful Ocean Life Inspired Art

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Beautiful Ocean Life Inspired Art

Synchroporus splendidus & picturatas: “The Yin & Yang”

The above photo is the creation of Kaitlyn Cameron, owner of Prisma Canvas.  I took a few minutes to talk to Kaitlyn about her art work:

My art is mostly inspired by a desire to capture nature’s beauty onto canvas with as much attention to color and real-to-life detail as possible. I’m also inspired by the incredible photos that hobbyists take of their corals and fish.

I began doing colored pencil portraits during my junior year in high school, discovering my knack for it while working on a National Geographic assignment in my Art AP class. My formal education is really limited to a couple of after-school sessions with a local college art instructor. For the most part I am self taught and constantly learning and experimenting with new things. Each new project brings new challenges and results in new stylings and concepts in my work.

Her personal favorite piece to date is the portrait of a Declivis, or Marquesian butterfly fish, which can be seen below:

Chaetodon declivis, The Marquesan Butterfly

You can see more of Kaitlyn’s artwork on Prisma Canvas’ gallery.  I should point out that Kaitlyn also does commissioned work as well in addition to selling prints of some of her current work.  I have to say that my favorite out of her gallery is “The Yin & Yang,” which is the main photo for this post.  Page through the gallery on her website for more examples of her work.

The next project that she’s working on is a leafy seadragon, which she’s started work on and you can see a sketch of it on her Facebook page (and shown below):


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