Become an Intern with the Coral Restoration Foundation!

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Interns can expect to be challenged, mentored, and inspired, working with a dynamic team that is dedicated to helping them find their focus.

The Coral Restoration and Reef Restoration Internship introduces individuals to the nonprofit sector of marine conservation, focusing on the restoration of coral reef ecosystems.

  • Internships last 4 months and are full-time volunteer positions.
  • Interns gain a vast amount of experience through participation in our community engagement programs, daily operations, and fieldwork.
  • During their first semester, each intern will be mentored while they undertake a personal intern project.
  • Interns who wish to progress further have the chance to be considered for positions as Lead Interns during a second semester, and then Program Interns during a third semester.
  • Interns will be provided with a small educational stipend to offset living costs.

For more information and to apply, visit

  • xeniaforever

    As senior editor here at reefs, I get to work with scientists from all over the world, and have made some wonderful friends in the industry! I also write for the site, and am the office manager at FRESH New London and the mother of two brilliant, talented young women.


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