reefs.comSurrealSumpReef Savvy is known to continuously raise the bar on what a high-end display aquarium can and should be. This year at MACNA 2015, their displays were as eye-catching and innovative as ever, and a sump resting front and center in their booth piqued my interest. Felix Bordon, president of Reef Savvy, calls this new product the “Surreal Sump”, which fits the namesake perfectly.reefs.comSurrealSump2

Here are a few highlights of the brand-new Surreal Sump:

  •  Starphire front and back panes. Yes, the blacked-out back pane is starphire too! Because why not, right? While looking through the back pane length-wise, I could see it glittering like a diamond.
  • Bulkheads come through the back pane, which keeps the installation incredibly clean.
  • Interchangeable inserts allow for the use of a filter pad or filter socks. Both inserts are hand-laminated three-piece acrylic with red in the middle, which compliments the phantom bottoms perfectly.
  • Wide open areas for filtration equipment.
  • Adjustable baffle to create the perfect water level for your skimmer.
  • Probe holders for all the add-ons and installs.
  • Dosing pump/ATO rigid airline tubing mounts.
  • Media chamber for running carbon, GFO or anything else passively.
  • Phantom bottom.

Birdseye View of Right Side

Reef Savvy now has their own CNC router in-house which allows them to ensure everything is perfectly machined to their impeccable standards.

The Surreal Sump at MACNA holds 50 gallons, with dimensions of 36″L x 20″W x 16″H. Three standard sizes will be available initially: three, four and five foot lengths. Contact Reef Savvy for pricing details.


Incoming Chamber with Filter Sock Insert


Adjustable Baffle

reefs.comSurrealSump6 Best Product of 2015

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