BioTek Marine Releases Two New Series Auto Top-Off Tanks

by | Mar 27, 2016 | Reef, Science, Tanks | 0 comments

Tek water tank - reefs

10 gallon Tek Series water tank

BioTek Marine has just released it’s new line of Tek Series Auto Top-Off Water tanks for home aquariums. These new, elegantly US-crafted water tanks are now available in the Tek Series Grey and Blue cast acrylic to complement the Tek series sumps. They are purposefully designed to match the Tek series sumps but they can easily be used alongside most any sump. Each model features an easy access port for the feed pump located on the back left corner. Additionally, positioned on the back right corner is a John Guest style push-in connector that accepts a water feed line. The 5 gallon model requires 1/4″ standard polyethylene water tubing while the 10 gallon Tek model requires 3/8″ tubing. Easily accessible MORE

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