Image 62f1da8f-465d-4540-9fb2-a6f1c93e5bcb.jpg Neptune Systems is currently running an October special promotion on the Apex Next Generation aquarium controller system bundled with the WAV power heads.  Now and through the month of October, participating Neptune Systems dealers are offering a WAV Starter Kit for $300.00 with the purchase of the Next Generation aquarium controller.  The WAV starter kit includes 2 x 4000+ GPH fully controllable pumps at $150.00 per pump.  This is a great value when you consider what other wavemaker pumps typically cost. One of the nice features the WAV pumps offer is the there is no need for additional hardware to purchase or power bricks so there is less clutter to deal with in your aquarium cabinet. [embedded content] Read More

rca_2588-christmas-tree-worm Of all the small intricate animals I like to photograph underwater, Christmas tree worms are among my favorites; in my book, they are only outranked by nudibranchs.  I thought I’d share some of my favorite Christmas tree worm images, this time from the Indo-pacific, and talk a little about their biology.

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BAR- Good morning, I have a crazy beautiful, ultra rare deep-sea fish for you today that was found yesterday at around 600 feet! The common name for this little 3 inch jewel is Golden Bass or Liopropoma olneyi. This was named after Dr. John Olney who passed away several years ago and was one of the top marine larval fish experts in the world. Through DNA, Carole Baldwin and Dave Johnson were able to match a spectacular larval fish caught off the coast of Florida to adults of Liopropoma olneyi from the deep reefs of Curacao, a true mother and chid reunion. Super busy with the Smithsonian… Barry NEWER POST: Read More
Image AC-Lemon-miliaris-butterflyfish-6.jpg It seems Quality Marine is very interested in reef conservation.  Lately, it seems every few weeks or so we learn about a new success in the captive fish breeding arena. Below is a press release we just received and we thought our readers would be interested to hear news about the latest captive bred species coming out of Hawaii; Lemon Miliaris Butterflies (Chaetodon miliaris) Rising Tide Conservation and Hawaii Oceanic Institute has done it yet again. The unstoppable duo has announced successfully breeding yet another species – Chaetodon miliaris, Lemon Butterfly, which is another Hawaiian endemic. Quality Marine is excited to be a part of this breakthrough event by receiving some of the fish from the very first batch. This project’s journey first began with Read More

Coral Reef Conservation, Expedition to Somaliland by Dr. Luiz Rocha | MACNA 2016

http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/ Today on BRStv we have another fantastic talk from this year’s Marine Aquarium Conference of North America located in San Diego, CA. Join us as we watch Dr. Luiz Rocha from the California Academy of Sciences’s talk: Coral Reef Conservation, Expedition to Somaliland *Legal Stuff* The purpose and content of this video is to provide general information regarding the products and their applications as presented in the video.

 Sad that you missed MACNA this year, or eager to relive and review some of your favorite talks from the conference? Visit MASNA’s website HERE to view presentations by some of the most popular speakers, including Dr. Luiz Rocha, who spoke on the topic of Coral Reef Conservation, Dr. Sandy Trautwein, who covered CUlturing Inverts for Species Recovery and Habitat Restoration, and MASNA’s 2016 Aquarist of the Year, Joe Yauillo, whose talk, “Principles of Diligent Reefkeeping” was both entertaining and informative. The videos are available to view free of charge, which is a generous gift from Bulk Reef Supply and the non-profit organization, whose goals are to:

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Image Angel-LED.jpg As the competition heats up between LED aquarium manufacturers Euroquatics has added an online storefront allowing consumers to purchase Angel A1 and Angel A1P LED lights direct to the public. At the Euroquatics storefront you may purchase Angel fixtures and Angel accessories however you may not be able to purchase the popular E5 direct replacement bulbs for traditional T5 fixtures. To purchase E5 bulbs or Angel fixtures please visit the Euroquatics dealer locator page. To sweeten the deal and to celebrate the new storefront and a milestone of reaching 80,000 followers on Facebook, Euroquatics has decided to reduce pricing by $80.00 on both Angel fixture models.  So for a limited time you can pick up the Euroquatics Angel A1 fixtures for $319.99 and the 150 Watt Read More

Psychedelic corals, From Heaven to Hell, Atlantic: The Wildest Ocean on Earth – BBC Two

Corals glow under ultraviolet light in what may be a unique form of sunscreen.

 Check out this clip from “From Heaven to Hell”,  the third episode of the BBC Two’s “Atlantic: The Wildest Ocean on Earth”. Scientists captured footage of a coral that essentially synthesizes its own sunscreen, in order to protect the symbiotic algae that lives in its tissue. Too much sun damages the delicate algae, so the coral produces a protein that absorbs ultraviolet light, and remits light of another color. The florescent reaction is visible at night under an ultraviolet light (the light of the sun drowns out the florescence), and the sight is otherworldly and beautiful. Enjoy!

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