Aqamai is a completely new line of products by the Italian manufacturer Hydor Group, and like its parent company,  Aqamai products are designed and made in Italy. Hydor Group first introduced the brand to the public at Interzoo 2016, and is targeting a specific client base with Aqamai – a modern reefer that cares about both looks and functionality in aquarium equipment.… More:

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coral-frenzy-powder-reefs For those of you following my blog and Youtube channel you know I am a believer in giving corals something to chow down on to promote their health and well being. Yes, a reef tank does supply corals nutrients such as fish poop but in my experience it does help to provide supplemental feeds to help corals flourish. A few weeks ago I took a look at the Coral Frenzy 1mm Reef Pellet, a product designed to feed certain animals such as Scolymia and Acan corals. In my latest installment on coral feeds I am featuring Coral Frenzy’s Ultimate Coral Food. This is Coral Frenzy’s original powder and it is designed to feed everything, including corals, filter feeders and even small fish. One stop shopping, if you Read More
Dascyllus trimaculatus, Red Sea. Credit: Plongez Pepere
Dascyllus trimaculatus, Red Sea. Credit: Plongez Pepere

Dascyllus trimaculatus, Red Sea. Credit: Plongez Pepere

 Like so many widespread coral reef fishes, the ubiquitous Domino Damselfish (Dascyllus trimaculatus) is really a mélange of subtly different regional populations. Each of these unique forms is readily recognizable relative to its neighbors; however, their tremendous similarity to one another has led researchers to lump them together as a single heterogenous “species”.More: Read More
Dascyllus strasburgi. Credit: Marlin Samuel
Dascyllus strasburgi. Credit: Marlin Samuel

Dascyllus strasburgi. Credit: Marlin Samuel

 There are few reef fishes quite so maligned among aquarists as Dascyllus, the Humbug Damselfishes. Because of their argumentative nature, this ubiquitous group is rarely seen in today’s reef tanks, despite being attractively patterned and almost indesctructibly hearty. Ten species are currently recognized, with perhaps a few others yet awaiting recognition, but really only one of these has any sort of rare fish cachet—the Golden Domino Damselfish (D.More: Read More

How effective are cleanup crews?

When we started it was going to be a short podcast because we both had busy days ahead of us. When we finished, we’d talked for an hour and covered our Aquatic Experience shows, forums and Facebook, mixing salt, and the value of cleanup crews. We hope you find this week’s show interesting. We had fun doing it. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine

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Mixing salt
Using and mixing Instant Ocean salts, Instant Ocean Products

Cleanup crews
Best Cleaner Crew for dirty sand bed, hipertec, Reef Central

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refractometer-reefs Salinity is a very important parameter for a captive reef aquarium so it is certainly essential to have a good quality salinity refractometer on hand to monitor levels on a constant basis. One option to consider is the Pro-1 Normal Seawater Refractometer from Tropic Eden. The folks at Tropic Eden are touting this tester as a highly precise and well built refractometer that is a quick and easy to use, whether it is for scientists out in the field or for saltwater aquarium hobbyists. The refractometer, which is packaged nicely, comes with a user manual, 2 pipettes, calibration key and pouch. It is an optical device that utilizes the refraction of light through transparent media to determine the salinity and specific gravity of the water being tested. It Read More
Image 62f1da8f-465d-4540-9fb2-a6f1c93e5bcb.jpg Neptune Systems is currently running an October special promotion on the Apex Next Generation aquarium controller system bundled with the WAV power heads.  Now and through the month of October, participating Neptune Systems dealers are offering a WAV Starter Kit for $300.00 with the purchase of the Next Generation aquarium controller.  The WAV starter kit includes 2 x 4000+ GPH fully controllable pumps at $150.00 per pump.  This is a great value when you consider what other wavemaker pumps typically cost. One of the nice features the WAV pumps offer is the there is no need for additional hardware to purchase or power bricks so there is less clutter to deal with in your aquarium cabinet. [embedded content] Read More