fall-2016-swapMy favorite event of the year is this Sunday.  In downtown Manhattan we will carve out some space at Pace University and throw our famous frag swap, which we’ve been running for 16 years now.  This swap is really something special, as its an opportunity to see friends from the past (amazingly we have a lot of people who no longer keep aquariums but still want to catch up with friends at the swap).  … More:

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Meiacanthus geminatus, known commonly as the Twin Fangblenny, is an unusual species that’s making a rare appearance thanks to RVS Fishworld. With its sleek lines and attractive color palette, this is sure to become one of the more popular fangblennies among aquarists. Up until now, few images of this stately fish existed, and it’s possible that this is its first occurrence in the aquarium trade, but, don’t worry, despite its rarity in captivity, this species is said to be quite common in the wild.More:

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For this video, we traveled to Boca Raton, Florida to visit Carlos Machin’s beautiful 90 gallon reef tank.
What is so unique about his tank is that not only his tank and coral sections beautiful but his fish collection is simply outstanding and different. Wrasse man like myself, he has beautiful selection of wrasses like Rhomboid Wrasse, Katherine’s Wrasse, Flame Wrasse, newly discovered Magma Wrasse, Red Margin, Pin Tail, Crescent Tail Wrasse to name few. … More:
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aquaforest af power food Aquaforest, a Polish company that made its American debut at MACNA 2016 in San Diego, is taking the North American market by storm. The company, founded in 1995, offers a full line of products for reef aquaria, backed by years of research and laboratory grade ingredients – including three kinds of salt mixes, a full line of  additives and coral foods, to a wide range of saltwater specific equipment.

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