BREATHTAKING Reef Aquarium! HD -104 Gallons

by | Feb 2, 2015 | Corals, DIY, Equipment, Events, Fish, Opinion, Science | 0 comments

This 104 gallon reef aquarium belongs to Marco Pardun of Dortmund, Germany. It is a room divider reef and it really is breathtaking. The equipment list is rounded out with a Bubble Magus Curve 5 protein skimmer, Jebao DC-3000 return pump, Jebao RW-8 wavemaker, Eheim Jager heater, DIY activated carbon and GFO reactor, and sump. The corals he has include a diverse variety of SPS and mix of assorted LPS, soft corals, and zoanthids. MORE: BREATHTAKING Reef Aquarium! HD -104 Gallons


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