Centropristis fuscula, TwoSpot Sea Bass, Deep Sea Bass

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twospot sea bassHello out there, I have a small, two-inch, fully grown adult Centropristis fuscula or TwoSpot Sea Bass for your viewing pleasure today found a few weeks ago now on the ultra tiny island of St. Eustatius or “Statia” as it’s know by the locals.

Most of you already know how much I love these tiny sea-bass that live way down in the darkness and most are crazy colorful!
If you’re wondering about the environment they are found in it’s much like the photo above. At depth, let’s say over 350 feet corals and sponges become less and less and rock and sand become the key landscape in the form of sheer walls, single rocks on the sand or and occasional sponge or coral creating this little micro-community. Sea bass which are predators tend to be ambush hunters so they tuck themselves in alongside a rock or in the mouth of a cave, anywhere out of sight making them very hard to find and using the element of surprise keeps their little bellies full. They will eat just about anything as well, crabs and shrimps are for sure a daily menu item so really nothing is safe from these little eating machines. MORE


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