These videos are old news, but well worth revisiting in my opinion. Today I bring you True Facts about Cephalopods, courtesy of one of my favorite voices of nature education (second only to Sir David Attenborough), Ze Frank. I could sit here and try to explain exactly why his pieces are so wonderful, enlightening, and riveting – or you could just watch the videos and enjoy these treasures all on your own. I’ve had quite the week and my writer’s brain is ebbing at the moment, so I have to keep this short. Watch, enjoy, explore more of these videos. He’ll explain to you how the Octopus is the “Floppy Floppy Spider of the Sea” and how Cuttlefish “move around by vomiting out of a giant straw and flapping their skirt around”. Seriously very educational. I’m also including a video of Sir Attenborough for good measure, because it really is A Wonderful World.

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