Most (if not all) ceramic and agrocrete frag plugs on the market today come in some shade of white or light grey, which make them stand out in established aquariums.  CeramEco dyes their frag plugs purple and green to mimic live rock … much like FHI’s beautiful RealReef artificial live rock.  In addition, while most frag plugs are molded with unnaturally sharp corners (often in perfect circles), CeramEco sculpts their plugs with naturally contoured edges.

The top of each disk is textured and porous to improve the performance of your preferred adhesive, such as Ecotech’s Coral Glue.  The rod below the disk is also scored closed to the disk, allowing you to manually snap off the rod to convert the frag plug into a flat frag disk.

CeramEco frag plugs/disk are available in 1″ (as shown in the top photo), 1.5″, and 2″ top diameters.  They are currently available at Salty Supply.

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