Cheesy snack saves coral reef

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Cheesy snack saves coral reef

What the …. ?

Visit Reef Relief to learn more about their conservation work.

The auction ends March 15, 2012 around 3pm EDT.  Time’s ticking.  Go bid on the “Rare Cheeto Seahorse” and save a reef.  I guarantee you this will be the strangest and most delicious opportunity you will have to help reef conservation.

The eBay listing description (a fun read!):

I am pleased to again offer this rare CHEETO Seahorse to support REEF RELIEF.  I wish to offer the most grateful thanks to Ebay member most*needful*of*things who was the previous high bidder with a winning bid of $10.50.  This Ebay member instructed me not to ship and refused taking ownership.  The member instructed me to relist it in an effort to raise more funds for REEF RELIEF.  A simply spectacular Ebay member I can’t thank enough!

Heck, I had this seahorse packed up in a little box with cotton, placed inside yet another small box with the member’s shipping address printed and taped on when I checked my Ebay messages and learned that the CHEETO SEAHORSE will have yet another shot to win the Triple Crown for REEF RELIEF!

As all of you who followed the prior auction, my wife found this rare specimen in a bag of CHEETOS about a month ago. When she showed it to me my first reaction was to stuff it in my face and enjoy that salty, cheesy, crunchy experience that I just love but I didn’t. Instead, I said this little Cheeto is capable of doing some good.

We are again pleased to offer this fully preserved specimen for your enjoyment.  That Chicken McNugget that received so much publicity and resembled George Washington sold for $8,100 on Ebay!  Heck this CHEETO must be worth a fortune to those who seek the Seahorse on their dives and/or wish to contribute to all of our efforts to save the reefs that are dying at an alarming rate.

Just as the last auction, this one-of-a-kind specimen is offered with FREE SHIPPING. 100% of the sale proceeds will be donated to the non-profit organization REEF RELIEF based in Key West, Florida that is celebrating its 25TH ANNIVERSARY this year. Please visit their website and learn of all the great things this organization does.

Furthermore, I am placing an $8,000 buy-it-now price on this CHEETO and have notified FRITO LAY that it is available for immediate purchase.  Maybe FRITO LAY wants to support REEF RELIEF as well!  We’ll see. That chicken mcnugget just sold for $8,100!  I ask FRITO LAY TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND BUY YOUR CHEETO BACK FOR A GREAT CAUSE!  JUST CLICK “BUY IT NOW”

Shipping insurance can be purchased by you for the amount of your winning bid in the event you are worried about mice/rats devouring this tasty treasure while it makes its way through the US postal system to your door.

Bidding starts at $10.50 thanks to the last and most generous high bidder who declined taking ownership!


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