It’s very hard to choose one Aquascape for main picture of the today article, because we have seen some wonderful aquariums.

CIPS 2017 has been a continuous surprise.  As you already know (or otherwise we’ll tell you right now) in these exhibitions there are a lot of rocks, sand, roots and, other useful materials that the competitors can take to create an hardscape, before, and an aquascape after.

All the competitors have the same possibilities to set up. They begin and create their beautiful work.

When we were there some aquascapers were still at work, so we couldn’t take a picture of 4 or 5 tanks because they were incomplete. But the others represent them well.

There were challenging chinese, asian, some european, and some brazilian artists. I’m not an expert, but I think there’s a big difference between asian and european aquascaping. Let’s see if at the end of these pictures you’ll think the same.

The Aquascaping of CIPS 2017

Chinese artists had their own name in ideograms… Due to the difficulty to report them correctly, we associated the competitor’s picture with his own Aquascaping. They’re in order of photograph.


I know, there are a lot of pictures of the aquascapes! But how could we exclude any of them? Which one do you like the most?


To read about the CIPS 2017 in its entire exhibition you can read our editorial here.

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