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We have a lot more time on our hands during this quarantine. I am sure many of us are tinkering with our aquariums and following up on our favorite content providers. Speaking of content providers, this is my list of top 4 content providers that I would like to recommend. My criteria is very simple. While most content providers provide fun, engaging, and inspiring videos regarding their journey in reef keeping, what I focused on was good, factual, scientific information that provides much needed data that everyone can apply to their reef keeping.
I didn’t list the obvious BRS, Melev’s Reef, and Mr. Saltwater Tank via . If you have not checked them out, be sure to do so as well!

With that said, here they are:

1.) Reef Dudes.

Reef Dudes’ Devin Rich has come a long way in very short period of time. He does a lot of video of his aquariums and his journey in the reef keeping world like many other youtubers but this is just tip of the iceberg of Devin’s abilities. What I am more impressed with is his live videos. Every week on Wednesday 7pm est, he features a great guest who is an expert for the topic of that week and hosts a live video, presenting facts, data, and a live Q & A session with the guest and the people that caught his stream. Extremely tech savvy, he has become the live- stream king of our aquarium world.

Here he is with Chris Meckley of ACI Aquaculture.

If you haven’t checked him out, be sure to do so! You will learn a thing or two!


2.) neptune Systems’ #letstalkreef

Speaking of live-steams, one of the most pleasant thing that I have noticed from Terence from neptune Systems was them coming out with their own live segment called Let’s Talk Reef. They have a huge following on their social media platforms and plethora of die hard users so it was smart move on their part to give them contents that they can apply into their own personal systems.

Sounds good so far right?

But what really caught my attention was them NOT focusing on their apex products as their main topic but like the name states, focusing on keeping reef, providing inspiration, automation and general knowledge that will help others achieve success in the hobby.

Here is Terence with Dana Riddle talking about his findings on corals and how they react to light, measurement of DLI and many more.

They have a show every week on youtube that I shared above or on facebook link here. Be sure to check them out!


3.) Reef News Network.

Power podcast duo of Peter and Jeremy, Reef News Network has been working up a storm in our industry for the last 2 years. Traveling to trade shows all over the country, both attending and MC-ing all the big events, they have been everywhere covering the latest advancements of the hobby, scientific advancements as well as the latest trends and news. It’s safe to say that these guys have their fingers on the pulse of the hobby. I can safely say that these funny guys are doing big things and have a weekly release on every Thursday that you guys should definitely follow. I recently spoke to Peter  and they have so many things planned for you guys, so be sure to check them out if you haven’t already!

Click here to check out their latest podcast!


4.) Tidal Gardens.

Than from Tidal Gardens is a powerhouse of information and eye candies. He provides valuable information, and backs up his experiences with research and science. I believe that we can all learn something from his videos and become better reef keepers from it.

Check out this video about amino acids. Possibly one of the best video that explains it.

I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do and if I missed any that I should watch, please list them in the comment section below.  🙂

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