Here’s a thought-provoking open aquascape by Hong Kong reef aquarist “AlphaSierra,” who has a series of videos of this system posted on YouTube. Worth a look if you are thinking of your next reefscape.

A Reef in the Sky SPECIFICATIONS Zeovit System Rimless Tank 168cm x 66cm x 56cm (approx. 150 gallons / 550 liters) 3/4″ Low Iron Glass Equipment Lighting: ATI Power Module 8x80W Dimmable Water Movement: x2 tunze 6105 x1 Tunze 6055 x1 MP40W ES x1 MP20 Return Pump: Red Dragon 6500 Skimmer: Alpha 200 Zeo Reactor: Small Easy Lift (2L) Chiller: JBL 250 Chiller Pump: Red Dragon Mini 5000 Computer: GHL Profilux 2 GHL Dosing Unit x4 pumps YouTube Channel for AlphaSierra

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