Here’s a brand new food for coral lovers. Coral Frenzy, the very popular powdered coral food, will soon be available in pellet form. The pellet will have roughly a 1mm length and will be negatively buoyant to sink for to all of your hungry LPS corals and the fish or inverts lucky enough to steal themselves a bite. The food will be available soon (free samples have already been circulating) and it will come in packages of 76 grams. For nutritional information, see below. We first encountered the Coral Frenzy brand many years ago at one of the trade shows. The powdered food was often given away in the bags of the various shows, and we’ve been using it off and on ever since. We always get a good response from the corals and inverts, in particular our hungry hungry starfish. We are quite happy to see the food being offered in a pellet format, as we have grown quite fond of that type of food as well. The official word from Coral Frenzy: PARTICLE SIZE: 1mm Pellet MORE: Coral Frenzy to be Offered in Pellet Form

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