Coral Guardian: a non-profit reef conservation organization

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Visit Coral Guardian’s website to learn more about the organization, including ways you can help.  Advanced Aquarist provides a summary below of who Coral Guardian is (via their “About Us” webpage).




Empowering local communities to conserve biodiversity and support local livelihoods


Our main mission is to preserve Biodiversity of Marine Ecosystems

  • Conservation around Serangan Island: restore and protect damaged coral reef ecosystems in south Bali. We achieve our objective through planting and restoring coral reefs on dead reef zone, using a technique of fragging.
  • Education is one of the key factor of conservation: We develop awareness programs dedicated to local schools, communities and tourists about impacts and the importance of marine biodiversity conservation.
  • Research is the other key factor of conservation: propose solution to sustainable development. We develop a research project in aquaculture, aimed to help local fishermen to find an alternative to wild sampling of ornamental fish, which is essential to the balance of marine ecosystem, while ensuring stable incomes and improving their living standards.


Why and Where

The project is located at Bali, in the “Coral Triangle”: priority area for marine biodiversity protection with more than 30% of the world coral reefs, including 76% of the species of corals and more than 35% of the ornamental fish species.

In south Bali, particularly on Serangan island, the majority of the coral reefs was destroyed during the expansion of the island, 20 years ago.
The goal of this project is to take part in the sustainable development of Serangan Island. We wish to accompany the local communities towards this responsible development thanks to the marine ecosystems conservation that will enable them to obtain autonomy to preserve their local marine biodiversity, and will have a social and economic positive impact.

This project addresses a growing need to find a solution for sustainable development of Serangan. We met with community leaders, enthusiastic and motivated to be part of this sustainable development approach. They ask help to develop their village, learn how to protect their resources, while developing their economic activities. This conservation project meets their needs.

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