Coral Morphologic’s magical half-hour-long reef video and your chance to help coral reefs

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To download the 1080p VOD version of “Natural History Redux” for $5, visit  Advanced Aquarist whole-heartedly endorses purchasing the $5 VOD for reasons we will soon make clear (aside from the fact that the video is pretty darn nifty and worth the $5 download).

Coral Morphologic has recently shifted focus from commercial retail aquaculture to saving corals from the Deep Dredge project of Miami’s Government Cut shipping channel. Coral Morphologic received a grant from the Knight Foundation to support basic lab operations while working to transplant corals that will otherwise be dynamited and dredged to clear path for the new shipping channel. The government has approved Coral Morphologic to relocate these corals to nearby artificial reefs.  Your purchase of the VOD will help directly save the lives of corals.

Coral Morphologic has also been issued permits to allow aquaculture of Caribbean stony corals and sea fans in their Miami Lab.  Furthermore, they will use these corals to develop a new body of work tentatively titled “Coral City,” which will include their first feature length film incorporating both aquarium and underwater videography from the artificial reef.   Colin Foord explains to us the goal of their project is to “seek to elevate [the corals] as icons for a 21st century Miami.”

All proceeds from the $5 download of “Natural History Redux” will go directly to Coral Morphologic’s coral transplantation project, film project, and overall mission to help unlock the secrets coral biology, reproduction, and preservation.

Coral Morphologic's magical half-hour-long reef video and your chance to help coral reefs

Spectular macro footage from “Natural History Redux”


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