Bazooka Joe Watermelon Chalice

Coral Type: Chalices

Scientific Name: Echinophyllia sp.
Genus: Echinophyllia
Color: Purple, Pink, Red
Feeding: Photosynthetic
Flow: Medium
Lighting: Medium
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The Bazooka Joe Watermelon Coral is a new morph or flavor of the Watermelon variety of Echinophyllia-like LPS stony corals. What defines a Watermelon Coral ?

They are defined as thick plating and massive medium large polyped stony corals that have the following basic color pigmentations. On the main surface of the coral there are bright pink or red pigments. The outer leading growth edge of the coral develops a bright green coloration. The corallite centers or eyes are bright green to bright yellow and they contain additional dots or spots of pigmentation. The original Watermelon along with the Red Watermelon Coral had relatively smooth surfaces that did not develop large protruding corallites. This new Bazooka Joe morph of Watermelon develops large round protruding corallites. There are also more blue pigments that occur on the main surface in between the pink/red pigmentation.


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