Name: Gamma Ray Chalice
Genus: Unknown
Type: Chalices

Photo Courtesy of: Reef Gen
Color: Blue, Yellow, Red
Feeding: None - Photosynthetic
Flow: Low
Lighting: Low

Gamma Ray is an appropriate name for this incredible chalice. What an amazing pigmentation pattern. The corallite eyes can develop a mix of colors ranging from red to orange to yellow to green. Delicate patterns can occur within the corallites. The main surface is dark red colored, but areas around the corallite can develop patches of turquoise and white pigments. Close to the corallite a violet sheen can develop. The image of the colony above represents the pigments this chalice had when it was imported. It will go through a period of adaptation to captivity during the remaining part of 2011. This chalice has some incredible potential to develop and morph some specatular captive pigmentation patterns.

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