Holy Grail Chalice


Genus: Unknown
Color: Pink, Purple

Coral Care

Feeding: None - Photosynthetic
Lighting: Low
Flow: Low
Photo courtesy of: Reef Gen


Another incredible coral find by Wet Thumb Frags. The new Holy Grail Chalice contains some very unique pigmentation colors and patterns. The base of the chalice can develop red pigments in the center area that change to purple midway out to the edge. Along and near the edges of the colony the base develops dark blue with some splotches of turquoise blue. The surface can also develop pink highlights along with bumps colored blue at the base and yellow golden on the top of the bumps. Those are some very unusual and distinct color pattern variations. The corallite eyes also develop some very unique pigment patterns and colors. The main color within the corallite is purple with blue on some of the outer edges. On top of the purple there is a yellow golden colored pattern centered on the corallite mouth. These patterns appear to be unique for every corallite and some of the Corallites can also develop small splotches of blue turquoise pigments.

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