Jayda’s Watermelon Alien Eye Chalice

Coral Type: Chalices

Scientific Name: Echinophyllia sp.
Genus: Echinophyllia
Color: Pink, Green
Feeding: None - Photosynthetic
Flow: Medium
Lighting: Medium
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We have recently discovered that there are Echinophyllia coral morphs that contain variations to the brilliant pigmentation patterns found within the original Watermelon Alien Eye coral. Those original pigments include an overall bright pink pigmentation on the corals main surface. The corallite centers are brightly colored green, while the outer growth edge of the colony also develops bright green pigmentation. Within the corallite centers, the Alien Eyes, there are also dots or spots of pigments mixed in with the brilliant green base pigmentation. This new Jayda’s Watermelon Alien Eye coral contains Alien Eyes that have a Yellow coloration.

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