Mystic Reef Watermelonade Chalice


Genus: Unknown
Color: Purple, Red, Yellow

Coral Care

Feeding: None - Photosynthetic
Lighting: Low
Flow: Low
Photo courtesy of: Reef Gen


The new Mystic Reef Watermelonade chalice has unique lemon yellow corallite eyes. This new coral contains the base qualities of all Watermelon corals with some additional twists. It can develop a pink colored base, but the surface of the coral has a base blue/purple pigmentation. New fragments first develop the blue base and after a month or two the bright pink pigmentation also develops. The corallite eyes of course contain a large amount of yellow pigments, but also contain some pink splotches or patterns. These lemon yellow corallite eyes with green and pink explain why the coral was named the Watermelonade. Which is a truncated combination of the words Watermelon and Lemonade.

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