Pink Fame Watermelon Chalice


Genus: Unknown
Color: Pink, Yellow, Green

Coral Care

Feeding: None - Photosynthetic
Lighting: Low
Flow: Low
Photo courtesy of: Reef Gen


Another Watermelon Chalice with incredible pigmentation patterns and colors. This pink and blue watermelon chalice can develop a very unique pigment pattern within its corallite mouth areas. An Orange Red ray pattern travels outward from the mouth. This develops a star-like pattern within the corallite mouth. Between the rays the corallites have the typical bright fluorescent green pigment found within the Watermelon Chalices. The surface of the coral is rough with many bumps that are colored bright pink. Between these pink bumps there is a bluish grey pigment that develops within valleys. The leading growth edge is bright fluorescent green which is typical of the Watermelon chalice corals.

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