Echinophyllia sp.
Name: Pumpkin Patch Echinophyllia Chalice
Genus: Echinophyllia
Type: Chalices

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Color: Blue, Green, Orange
Feeding: None - Photosynthetic
Flow: Medium
Lighting: Medium

This amazing Echinophyllia thick plating coral has an olive green base coloration that can at times appear slightly grayish. There also appear to be some blue gray pigments that mix with green pigments to produce the Olive Green overall appearance (see image above). The bright orange corallite coloration contrasts very strongly with the base coloration. What you basically see from far away is an olive greenish plate with patches or large spots of bright orange pigmentation. Reeffarmers acquired our seed fragments from Greg Carroll who has named this coral the Pumpkin Patch Echinophyllia. Obviously the orange spots represent large pumpkins sitting in a field or patch.

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