The Corals of Italian PetsFestival 2016

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Or more accurately, all the corals on Sunday morning of PetsFestival 2016

As we said in our editorial, here, we couldn’t take a picture of every coral on Saturday morning, before the enthusiasts had assaulted all the most impressive booths. So we preferred to take pictures on Sunday morning, of both the shops and the display aquariums set up just for viewing.

Upon entering the exhibit hall, the first thing we noticed was the beautiful, uniquely-shaped aquarium at the ReefLine booth, prepared by Hobby Acquari shop from Bologna.

The rectangular aquarium had an overflow that led to a lower aquarium, in which it was situated. The overflow ran the length of the back side of the upper aquarium, and the lighting was supplied by new Ecotech Marine radion G4 for the SPS tank and by Hydra HD 52 for the lower LPS tank.


The aquarium had no fish, but was full of corals. There were small polyped stony corals (SPS) in the higher rectangular tank and long polyped stony corals (LPS) in the lower, wider one.


The radion lights were programmed to spread a more white light, while the Hydra were set to blue tonalities; in this way they were able to make the fluorescence of the corals stand out.


The corals were astounding, and included Acroporas, Acans, Scolymias, Trachiphyllia, Lobophyllia… a real delight for the eyes.


Here some photo shots in sequence:

Then we saw other beautiful installations in Barriera Corallina booth.


The beautiful installation you saw in the article’s opening had two aquariums placed back to back. One of them is pictured above, and the other is below.


One is dedicated to the SPS and the other to LPS, and each had its own lighting configuration, supplied by Tekno Green ceiling lights.

Every coral was worth attention:

Let’s proceed with the stores; there were quite a few. We’ll begin with showing you Reef Joker, who was next to the entrance, on the left.


A classic photo of the staff, followed by a myriad of Scolymias, one of my favorite corals, without a doubt.

Of course, there were many other corals as well:

And the overviews are very beautiful, too:

And remember, this was Sunday morning, when the most beautiful corals were all already gone.

Next to Reef Jocker was Onda Anomala, in the other part of the hallway, immediately to the right of the entrance.


Absolutely it was possible to find any type of coral from Deborah, like it was by Andrea. And they were beautiful also on Sunday!

My beloved Scolymias…



It’s spectacular, isn’t it?


More than once during the day, I wished that I had a full wallet, and an aquarium ready to receive some corals…I would have bought a lot of them.

And then Nati con la coda...


And also Tsunami Shop with AGP, but sadly, the Sunday photos didn’t do them justice.


Gloria Maris‘s corner with my friend Pietro.


With an incredible number of frags


My friend Pietro Oliverio with the staff of AltaMarea


And then Crystal Reef


and again Geo Marine






From SPS to LPS to wild corals, there was definitely something for everyone. But I must say, the prices were quite high – the corals weren’t cheap. So, the difference between the show and a traditional coral shop was the wider choice, and not lower prices. There were probably some exceptions on Sunday evening, but the best time to find the missing piece for your aquarium was definitely Saturday morning.

And then there were some beautiful aquariums, situated in various booths, including the ones mentioned here; ReefLine and Barriera Corallina. There were also beautiful displays at the Hydor Aqamai booth and the Ocean Life booth.

For other details, visit the site of the producers mentioned in the article and our Editorial about the event:


Hobby Acquari

Barriera Corallina

Reef Jocker


Nati con la coda


Gloria Maris

Crystal Reef

Geo Marine



Editorial PetsFestival 2016

[Translated by Agnese Poggi]

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