CoralVue to debut new 4-stage 100 GPD RODI

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CoralVue to debut new 4-stage 100 GPD RODI

CoralVue’s upcoming 4-stage 100 GPD RODI unit

CoralVue has been hard at work putting together a new RODI unit for their product line. As mentioned, this unit is a 100 GPD 4-stage system that comes with an integrated controller and pressure pump. The controller not only flushes the membrane automatically to prevent blockage but also offers filter change reminders, temperature and total dissolved solids (TDS) readings of the exiting water, safety controls, and booster pump. It measures 14.75″ x 9″ x 17.5″ tall and is attached to a rugged free-standing metal frame that can either sit on the countertop or mounted to the wall to keep it out of the way.

Here’s the full system feature list:

  • Easy to use system controller
  • Fully-Automated water management
  • Accurate Digital TDS readings of outgoing product water
  • Automatic membrane flush system prevents TDS creep Cyclic Membrane Flush (Full Membrane Flush upon shutdown to help prevent membrane scaling)
  • Back-pressure electronic shut-off for reservoir use
  • High and low pressure safety kill switches (For pump protection and full system automation)
  • Alarm
  • Filter change notifications
  • Water temperature read out
  • Adjustable up to ~1:2 Product/Waste water ratio (source water temperature dependent)
  • Over-sized oil-filled pressure gauge
  • High efficiency booster pump
  • Clear filter canisters with silicone o-ring seals
  • Rugged metal frame for convenient free-standing placement or for space saving wall mounting


Technical Data:

  • Footprint 14.75″ x 9″
  • Height 17.5″
  • 1 – 100 GPD membrane
  • 1 µ polypropylene sediment cartridge
  • 5 µ carbon block cartridge
  • 1 refillable DI cartridge with high capacity color changing resin
  • Quiet booster pump (Located Post Pre-filtration for extended pump life)
  • Includes canister & membrane wrench, detailed instructions, installation connection fittings, RO tubing and accessories.
  • All standard 10” canisters, cartridges and ¼”push-connect fittings


The unit will sell for somewhere between $200 and $300 and available this summer.


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