It’s no secret that pretty much everyone is feeling the heavy effect of Corona virus these days. When I found out that many local fish stores are open and will remain open, I was shocked and curious to find out how. From a little digging online, I discovered that pet stores (fish store in our case) are considered as essential stores due to their ability to provide service or goods such as food, trace elements, equipment, as well as water to provide for the well-being of animals. >

But with this contagious virus running rampant, I was curious how the stores are handling this situation. Not only for their health but for the customers as well. Actually, this should be something that you should think about entering any place of business in times like this.

To look into it further, I reached out to my friends at World Wide Corals, Inc. to see how they are handling this and what kind of system they put into place to secure the wellbeing of the people that go through their business as well as providing several helpful tips that you should pay attention to while tending to your aquarium while you are on lockdown.

Special guest appearance by Shane Lafreniere of 247 Aquariums.

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