A Cory Catfish Convention!

Panda corycats. Photo by ‘Haplochromis’ (c.c)


There are betta conventions.  Discus conventions.  Cichlid conventions. Catfish conventions.  And now there will be a cory convention.

Corydoras World Cory-Vention is hosted by Corydorasworld.com and will feature presentations from notable fish and cory experts: Luiz Tencatt, Hans-Georg Evers,  Karsten Schoenherr, Ian Fuller, et al.

The event will be held at the Britannia Hotel in Wigan, Lancashire, UK.  Here is their webpage for more information or to book the event.



  • “Early bird” ticket (before 28th February 2017):    £20.00      £35.00
  • Late booking (after 28th February 2017):     £25.00      £45.00
  • On the day ticket:     £25.00

Accommodations: Includes Bed, Breakfast & evening Dinner and all day refreshment (Tea & Coffee)

  • Single room – £50.00
  • Double/Twin –  £65.00
  • Tripple –  £80.00

International attendees: You might want to take advantage of the current currency conversion rates (sorry; I had to, UK).

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