CPR Aquatics introduces a new skimmer to the AeroForce line: the AeroForce AP

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CPR Aquatics introduces a new skimmer to the AeroForce line: the AeroForce AP

The new CPR Aquatics AeroForce AP skimmer.

The upcoming AeroForce AP skimmer is a new hang-on counter-current skimmer from CPR Aquatics. While almost identical in form factor and construction to its sister-product, the AeroForce 2, instead of using a dedicated venturi pump to produce fine-sized air bubbles, the AP utilizes an economical air pump to inject copious amounts of air into the skimmer body via airstones to optimize skimming potential. For those of us who remember the famous airstone-mod to the CPR BakPak 2 skimmers, this skimmer should feel right at home.

As mentioned, this new skimmer from CPR is very similar to the AeroForce 2 skimmer and features:

  • Black background and inlet/outlet to reduce algae growth within the skimmer
  • Counter-current recirculating protein skimmer design
  • Economical air pump and two supplied limewood airstones (4.5″ x 0.75″ x 0.75″) milled locally
  • Removable, dual-body construction
  • Quiet, energy efficient operation
  • Easy to install, hang-on-back design
  • Minimal maintenance needed
  • Degassing water return with sponge reduces micro-bubbles from returning to the tank
  • Adjustable collection cup
  • Rated for tanks up to 75 gallons (depending on the bio-load of the tank)
  • Body Size: 7.5″ wide, 3.25″ deep, 17″ height

The air pump used in the video below is the Million Air 400 (by Via Aqua).  It has dual outlets and features an adjustable air output via an integrated rheostat producing upwards of 2000 cc/m of air per side. Talk about a lot of air injection potential!

Like the AeroForce 2, the AeroForce AP allows adjustment of both the input water volume in addition to the air volume via the rheostat on the air pump making this one tunable skimmer.

The MSRP has not been set yet but should cost similarly to the AeroForce 2, which at the time of this writing is retailing for roughly $200 USD. Expect to see this product in stores in the near future.


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