Cree's CR Series "Troffer" LED Fixtures

Cree’s new “troffle” style LED fixtures



The new CR series Cree LED lighting systems are meant as retrofits for commercial use;  With higher output LEDs of the appropriate spectrums, this design has potential for aquariums as well.  What makes the CR series unique is it utilizes a “high efficiency mixing chamber” to mix the light output of multiple diodes, providing a softer, more even output compared to the usual emitter arrays of today’s LED fixtures.  Say goodbye to “spotlight” effects, especially in mixed color arrays.  This is essentially a LED “soft box.”

As with any good LED fixture, the Cree CR series is dimmable (to 50%) and rated to “at least” 50,000 hours.  The fixtures are available in 2×2′, 2×4′, and 1×4′ configurations.  The CR series is UL rated for damp locations.

Using a mixture of red and yellow diodes, they will be introduced only in warm white CCT (3500K, 4000K).  The output is also insufficient for most corals (5000 lumens for the 4×2′ model, drawing 50 watts).  However, with some modifications, this design could prove to be an exciting lighting option for reef aquarists.

The Cree CR Series is slated for “late 2011.” Read more information on Cree’s CR Series website.

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