Healthy Curacao Corals

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Contest, Corals, Reef, Science | 0 comments

BAR-Good morning all, I had a fabulous dive out in front of the Sea Aquarium yesterday and for once the seas had calmed down and the visibility was insane! My mission was to photograph as many healthy corals as I possible could in one dive using my trusty 16mm lens. The reason for this out of the blue dive was there are predictions that Curacao, like other countries this year, will experience warmer seas than normal, creating another round of “possible” coral bleaching. So just in case this horrible event is headed our way, I wanted to shoot as many live corals as I could before they become bleached later in the year, kind of a before and after scenario if you will. After an hour and a half I ended up shooting around 200 photos and was very impressed by the shape of the reef and how great the corals are looking, I pray we don’t get hit with another round of warm water like we had a few years back, that was horrible! MORE


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