If we’re honest with ourselves, many of the cabinets and canopies we use for our aquariums are rather uninspired … more utilitarian than decorative.  While “it’s what’s inside that matters” is a truism, the cabinets needn’t be boring either.

WarKnot is a “small team of dedicated carpenters and artists that hand crafts” custom rustic aquarium furniture, designed and made to order.  Their cabinets are certainly not cheap compared to the prefabricated cabinets that dominant the marketplace.  However they appear reasonably priced (starting around $895) for a custom-built artisan furniture.

Disclaimer: Advanced Aquarist is not affiliated with WarKnot in any manner.  This article is for informational purposes only.  We have not reviewed the quality of their work and thus make no endorsements for their products.

Here are a few more photos exemplifying WarKnot’s work:




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