David Saxby’s reef tank and fish room are the stuff of dreams

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UK’s aquarist magazine, Practical Fishkeeping, recently featured an article about their country’s most famous reefkeeper and reef aquarium. After 13 years of operation, David performed a complete reboot of his reef.  As the new video proves, it is looking better than ever.  The cabinetry alone is something to behold.  And as someone who runs one of the premier reef equipment distributors in the world, you’d rightfully expect David to use only the tippy-top reef gear.

General Specifications:

(per Practical Reefkeeping)

  • Aquarium size: 3 x 2 x 1.5m/10 x 6.6 x 5’ (L-shaped) 1.2 m/4’ deep.
  • Volume: Main display aquarium, plus massive amounts of filtration, totalling 13,640 l/3,000 gal.
  • Filtration: Several large protein skimmers, plus more than 1,016 kg/1 ton of live rock. Two nitrate reactors and copious amounts of phosphate remover are used.
  • Circulation turnover: Fourteen times tank turnover per hour, though 2 x 11,000 gallons per hour are also constantly being pumped to and from the tank via two 0.75 horsepower pumps.
  • Lighting: Several high-powered metal halide lights, plus more than 40 T5 tubes.
  • Other equipment: Three computers for total automated control. Two large refrigerant coolers, one 2,000 l/440 gal per day RO unit. Nitrate reactors are dosed with 60ml/2.1oz vodka per day, each. Caulerpa algae bed in flow through reservoir. Automatic water change system.

David Saxby's reef tank and fish room are the stuff of dreams

The pinnacle of reefkeeping!

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